The Kiln

The Muddy Brook Wood-Fired Kiln 

In 2005 after spending a year in a wonderful program at the Worcester Center for Crafts, under the great potter and teacher Tom O’Malley, we built a 16 cubic foot wood kiln. More than a tool, this kiln was also a teacher. It provided 10 years of learning the nuance and mystery of firing with wood.


Muddy Brook Kiln Version 2.0

 Late in 2016, I began discussions with the wonderful potter and kiln builder, Julie Crosby on a design & build of a new 70+ cubic foot Noribagama kiln.

        Julie Crosby, Right with her crew of master kiln builders, Lori Mader of Cedar Swamp Potter and Silene Deciucies.


 We fired this kiln for the first time in September of 2017 and is as much a part of making beautiful pots as the maker, maybe more so.